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In this section, we will have readily available properties for sale for the users who need the information. If you do not want to see any marketing materials, it is advisable to leave this section of the website. For the resale market, we will post quality listings from our team that we think it is good; a property is selling at a good value, or good renovation etc. Of course we also understand that terms like that are very subjective and some buyers may differ in their opinion. Properties that do not fit in our definition of being "good" will not be posted here. We guarantee the quality of the advertisement on the sale of the property as well, by providing all relevant information on the property and ensuring that there are no duplicate or fake advertisements for phishing purposes.

As for the new property market, we will post as many different projects as possible so that users can have a wider variety of properties to choose. If you do not see a new property marketed here, it simply means we do not have the exclusive rights in marketing the product. Every developer will appoint estate agencies to market their new properties. If you have read from my "About Us" page, you would have realized that our team is from ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd. If the developer does not appoint ERA to market their properties, it will also mean that we do not have the authority to market their properties. Prices for new properties are also usually not released before their launch dates. "The Property Student" will adhere to the developers' rules and will only publish the price when the developers authorize ERA to do so. However, if you like a new launch project very much and we do not have the marketing rights, fret not! Just contact us and we will still be able to help you out!

We also have rental units for industrial properties, commercial properties and residential properties.

This website is made free to all users, and we will not be asking for donations to maintain the website. It is also perfectly fine if you are not buying from the team. However, it would be great if users can show us their support by purchasing properties they like through our team so that we can use the revenue to continue operating this website for all our audiences. The commission is paid by the sellers and the developers as we are representing them instead. In other words, buyers need not pay any commission! Enjoy the information provided and you can always help us by extending our reach to a larger audience by recommending this website to your network if you think this website (or the team) is good and had benefitted you or helped you one way or the other. Thank you very much!

Navigating Within This Section

You can use the menu on the left to view our listings if you need to. The sub-sections are on resale properties, new properties and the rental market. Under each subsections, there are different types of property to choose from. More details about each of the sub-sections will be explained more thoroughly when you clicked on them. "The Property Student" grouped it this way instead of by property type so that users can look into the type of market that they want to enter. For every listing, we will standardized all its information so that it is easy to compare and contrast. Unlike major real estate portal, where their members can choose what to input in their listings, "The Property Student" discloses all relevant information on a property based on a set of standardized requirements that the team had set. Therefore, the team requires all its members' listings to disclose all relevant information about the property, so that buyers can also make an informed choice on the property that they are interested in. This would mean that there will not be a listing without photos, neither will there be any omission of other standard relevant physical information that a buyer should know.


While the information provided are kept to be as accurate and impartial as possible, The Property Student will not be liable for any kind of loss incurred by any readers who used the information that "The Property Student" has provided. As circumstances differ from person to person, and many situations are assessed on a case-by-case basis, readers are strongly advised to seek professional advice for the respective services and only use our materials as a reference and guideline for educational purpose only. You may speak to us directly for assistance for your property needs. By using the website, readers agree to our terms of use and its link can be found at the bottom of this webpage. Please also allow a little time lag to update the website when major news is published. Thank you.


The advertisements do not constitute to an offer and it does not form part of the contract or transaction. Our members try their best in upholding the accuracy in their listing information. The public can always contact the team on any discrepancies on the information provided and the team will investigate into it.

In "The Property Student" website, there are no fake listings or phishing advertisements in the resale market section. We will remove the listing within 24 hours from time the Option to Purchase is issued. If the Option is not exercised, we will then put it back up on the website. For new launches, we will remove the entire project only when all units are sold out. If you discovered any listings that are sold or unavailable 24 hours after you have last seen it, do let us know in the "Contact Us" section, or simply call the provided number. We take a serious view on this matter and will not tolerate any form of dishonesty and bad practices.