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In this section, we will explain the latest Government policies, as well as some matters that you need to take note when transacting properties yourself, or with the assistance of a real estate professional. There are many different types of properties available in the market and each category has different laws that govern them. Have fun learning!

Navigating Within This Section

You can use the menu on the left to access the information on the type of property that you want to know more about. The sub-sections are on resale markets, except for "BTO/SBF", "New Launch", and "Executive Condominium", which are new properties. Under the "New Launch" sub-section, we refer to new apartments, new condominium, new landed properties, new commercial properties and new industrial properties. These properties are grouped together under "New Launch" because they are obviously new; each of the categories has very small markets with the exception of the new condominium market; and similar new launch rules, regulations and practices apply.

There will not be a section for resale Executive Condominium (EC) because there is no difference in its regulations and practices between an EC and a condominium after 10 years. There might be people selling the EC into the resale market between the fifth to the tenth year of purchase but the rules are very similar to a condominium with very small differences. Within the fifth year, the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) applies and owners cannot sell the EC.


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