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Relevant Executive Condominium Policies

In this section, the team will list out common rules, regulations, practices, guidelines and things to take note in the transaction of a resale HDB/DBSS transaction. It will include general relevant information on a typical transaction for a HDB, whether it is for the buyer, seller, tenant or landlord. For more specific details related to a party (ie buyer, seller, tenant, landlord), please use the menu at the left to access the respective information. As there are many articles on this page, please use CTRL+F with the titles below to find the article you need (as our team gets more skilled in Javascript and jQuery, the team will implement more advanced user interface to help our audiences find their desired article).

The Buying Process

Date first posted on 18 March 2017; Last Edited on 18 March 2017; Source

The Selling Process

Check the Master Plan


Roof Terrace (RT) and Private Enclosed Space (PES)

Addition and Alteration (A&A)

Subsidiary Strata Certificate of Title (SSCT)

Knowing your Fixtures

Knowing your Fittings

Accessory Lot and Cadastral Map

Tenure Type

Legal Arrangement of Ownership


What is a Caveat

Land Acquisition Act


Bankruptcy Act

Succession and Inheritance

Duties of a Real Estate Salesperson


Basic Economics in the Real Estate Industry

Changing Roles of a Real Estate Salesperson

Fake Advertisements

Factors that Affect the Value of an Executive Condominium

Reducing Physical Obsolescence

Residential Property Act

Land Title (Strata) Act (LTSA)

Building Maintenance and Strata Management Act (BMSMA)


Other Cost in a Purchase Transaction

Other Cost in a Sale Transaction

Things to Ask the Seller (Developer) Before Committing

Handicapped and Illiterate Consumers

Methods to Buy/Sell

Property Tax

Annual Value (AV)

POA, LPA and Will

Stamp Duties

Remission of ABSD

Refund on ABSD

Development Charge (DC)

Differential Premium (DP)

The Law Society of Singapore's Conditions of Sale 2012

Letter of Intent

Caveat Emptor

Common Clauses in a Contract

Responsibility of Subsidiary Proprietors

Management Fund and Sinking Fund

Types of Resolution

Sources of Finance

Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR)

Weighted Income Average Age

Requirements for CPF to be Used

Amount of CPF to be Used

Requirements for CPF Used

Using CPF for 2nd Property

Legal Fees Payable by Buyers

Taking a Bank Loan

Priority of Payment from Sale Proceeds

CPF Refund Shortfall

Other Cost in a Purchase Transaction

Pledging Property as Part of Retirement Sum

Duty of Care

Standard Rental Rules on Fixtures and Fittings

Due Diligence Check

Cost in a Private Residential Property Rental Transaction

Rights and Obligations of Tenant

Rights and Obligations of Landlord


Arrangement for Rent Payment

Calculation of Rent for Tax Purpose

Eligibility of Tenants

Eligibility of Landlord


Clauses in a Tenancy Agreement

Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act

Legal Lease and Equitable Lease

Type of Lease

Elements of a Tenancy Agreement

Express Covenants and Implied Covenants

Doctrine / Tort of Waste

Termination of Lease

Non-payment of Rent


Further Subletting and Sub-tenants

Maximum Number of Occupants in a Private Residential Property

Buyer Stamp Duty (BSD)

Income Tax

Unfair Practices

Seller Stamp Duty (SSD)

Lease Stamp Duty

Mortgage Stamp Duty

Contract for New and Uncompleted Private Residential Property

Payment Schedule

Defect Liability Period

Developer Obligations that Buyers Should Know

Housing Developer (Show Unit) Rules

Buyer Obligations in Transaction for New EC


Unlicensed Housing Developers

TOP, CSC and Notice of Vacant Possession

Things to Verify on New EC Advertisements

EIP Quota

Eligibility Schemes

Maximum Occupants in an EC

Mortgage Calculator

Income Weighted Average Age

Grants Available for EC

Obligations during the MOP

Home Protection Scheme

Resale Levy

Eligibility to Sell

Buying an EC Before Selling Current Flat / EC

Pledging Property as Part of Retirement Sum

Buying a Resale EC

Existing Licences

Immigration Act

Average Annual Rent

Subject to Contract

Housing and Development (H&D) Act Part IV


Basic Contract Law

Letter of Offer