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Relevant HDB/DBSS Policies

In this section, the team will list out common rules, regulations, practices, guidelines and things to take note in the purchase of a BTO/SBF unit. It will include general relevant information on a typical purchase of a HDB. The articles here are generally targetted at buyers. After the initial sales, parties like sellers, tenants and landlord generally follow the rules of the resale transaction.

IRAS and Tax

What is Annual Value and How it Affects You?

How Much BSD Will You be Paying?

11 Facts on Property Tax in Singapore

CPF Matters

Do You Know the 4 Key Conditions for Using CPF?

How Much CPF Can Be Used for Downpayment?

How Much CPF Are You Allowed to Use in Total For Your Flat?

Do You Know These 4 Things Can Be Paid By CPF Savings in a Property Transaction?

HDB Regulations

What Are the Differences Between the 3 Types of Occupants in a HDB Flat?

4 Key Things You Should Know When You Buy First and Sell Later

How Do EIP Affect You?

9 Things You Should Know About Minimum Occupation Period

Do You Know the 3 Models of Resale Levy?

Your Second HDB Loan for Your Next Flat May Not be As Much As You Think

Banks and Loans

How Much Bank Loan You Can Take?

Bank Loan and HDB Loan, Which is Better For You?

What Are the Conditions of HDB Loan and How to Qualify

2 Key Things on Income Weighted Average Age (IWAA)

TDSR and MSR, What Are They Exactly?

Buying and Selling (Process and Transaction Matters)

How to Calculate Profit or Loss on the Sale of Your Previous Flat?

Do You Know the 19 Common Factors that Affect HDB Flat Prices?


How Can the 5 Popular Macroeconomics Indicators Affect Your Property?