Who Are We?

The Property Student is founded by a team of dedicated real estate salespersons ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd with more than 8 years of experience. In compliance with the Singapore Law, all real estate salespersons (RES) must be tied to an Estate Agent (Property Agency). While we are real estate salespersons of ERA Realty Network Pte Ltd, our team strive to be as impartial as possible in our views and insights to our readers so that readers can learn effectively and apply their knowledge when dealing with properties in Singapore.

Purpose of This Website

The Singapore real estate industry is complex due to the operation of Estate Agents and salespersons, Government policies, openness of the market etc. We discovered many pressing issues facing consumers in the industry. This website aims to highlight those problems to make the Singapore real estate industry a better place than before. First, we aim to address the complexities of the Government policies and economic movements by using the common man language. Second, we aim to bring awareness on the common mistakes made in property matters.

Moreover, the "News" section in the home page shows crucial real estate news published on the newspaper and relevant sources. This is to pool all important real estate news in Singapore in one place, so that readers have an easy way to read and find all the important real estate related news from credible sources.

Besides real estate news, The Property Student will also put up news on New Condo Launches by the developers and other related news. A one-stop destination for all new launch property information. This is to cater for the new launch consumers in Singapore. For others who are not interested in the new launch news, you can always read the real estate news in the right web page by selecting the appropriate pages to suit your liking with free access! Please do allow a one day lag on the news published as updating requires much time and effort out of our normal working times. All opinions by the team are made to be as objective as possible. However, these opinions should only be used as a reference and should not be used for decision making without seeking relevant professional advice from your lawyers, bankers etc.

The "Library" section will list down the processes of a real estate transaction, relevant policies, relevant calculators etc, to readers to help you make a more informed decision. It also brings awareness to any parties on their obligations in a transaction, so that wasted transactions due to these problems can be minimised. Similarly, information provided by the calculators, as well as other derived information should be used as a reference only. You should seek professional advice on your transaction.

Next, the "Listings" section will show new condo launches and resale properties. "The Property Student" will provide relevant information on the listings for the audiences who need it. Readers can use the information to make better decisions by comparing new launch projects side by side. Resale properties wise, we will publish properties that is selling at a good value, or good renovation etc. Of course we also understand that terms like that are very subjective and some buyers may differ in their opinion. Properties that do not fit in our definition of being "good" will not be posted here. In the website, there are no fake listings or phishing advertisements in the resale market section. We will remove it within 24 hours from time the Option to Purchase is issued. If the Option is not exercised, we will then put it back up on the website.

The content of the website is free of charge but please do seek our permission to use any of the content or website. As with any other websites, there are expenses, time and effort required to create useful content and maintain the website. We will not request for any donations from the public to maintain the website. We compel no one in purchasing from our listings but it would be great to show your appreciation to the team by purchasing from our listings through us if you like the properties here, so that we can use the revenue to continue maintaining this website for the public and our audience. After all, we are representing the sellers and the developers in our listings, and buyers need not pay any commission for the transaction when purchasing through us. Alternatively, you can simply introduce the website to your network if it has helped you one way or another and just visit the website frequently for updates to gain knowledge and keep yourself market savvy. We welcome all groups of people from students to expatriates, buyers, sellers, tenants, landlord, working class etc. If you have learnt something from the website, then the team has already fulfilled one of its key goals.

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